"If you are planning a wedding in Bermuda and you are lucky enough to have Giuliana as your wedding planner then consider yourself blessed!

We started out with a small destination wedding which quickly grew to 72 guest. Our first wedding planner was just not up to the task, we asked around, did some research, and found The Traveling Bride. I cannot put into words how good this turned out to be. Giuliana made it look easy, which we all knew it wasn’t, and to throw a little adventure into it we happened to plan the wedding during the America’s Cup which is taking place in Bermuda at the same time of the wedding. Giuliana and her team had every detail nailed down and whenever something came up or we had last minute transportation request she had everything arranged almost immediately, honestly as the father of the bride she was scary fast. She was always available for a phone call or email, she knows the vendors on the island and was able to put together an Unforgettable Night! I can go on and on with all the details Giuliana managed for us from getting 72 people from three different location to and from the wedding, transportation to the beaches the day before, finding a location for all the women in the wedding party to get ready, and a group of us to the golf course for a round of golf before departing the island. Absolutely Incredible! Giuliana has the personality, temperament, knowledge, dedication, as so much more to ensure that your special day is one that you and your guest will remember for a life time. I would highly recommend Giuliana and the Traveling Bride to anyone looking to have a wedding at one of our favorite places in the world, you will not be disappointed.

- Morgan + Tyler