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Just a few hours from the east coast, flights are often more affordable than those to Caribbean destinations. There are several ways to arrive on the island, with most couples opting for a cruise escapade to begin their wedding adventure. Whether you are looking for a romantic escape to paradise, or want to create an intimate fairytale for you and your loved ones, our wedding packages are fully customizable to make your special day truly yours.

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bermuda wedding faqs


Where is Bermuda located?

Bermuda is a 21 square mile island located on the North Atlantic and off the east coast of North America. It is actually a string of 138 islands and tiny islets, out of which some 20 are inhabited and seven are joined by bridges and causeways to the main island.

Why should I have a destination wedding?

In recent years, many brides and grooms have chosen to abandon the traditional large, fancy church wedding in favor of nuptials in a more exotic locale. Couples opt to go the long-distance route for a variety of reasons. For some, budget limitations make destination weddings the more attractive choice. In most cases, only close friends and family attend these celebrations, sparing couples from throwing large, expensive receptions.

What are the legal requirements in order to get married in Bermuda?

In order to get married in Bermuda, a Notice of Intended Marriage form must be completed in full and sent to your wedding planner or the Registry General together with the correct payment.

How do I arrive to the island?

While a lot of couples fly in to the island, we find that a lot of couples enjoy arriving to the island on a cruise to perform their ceremony.

Will my marriage be legal worldwide?

Within one month of your wedding, you will receive an official Marriage Certificate that is recognized and legal worldwide. However you may also wish to register with your local Town or City Hall.

Can my fiancé rent formalwear in Bermuda?

A wide selection of tuxedos and morning suits are available. Your wedding planner can assist you with arrangements.

Are witnesses required?

Yes. You must have two witnesses who are at least 18 years. The Traveling Bride can provide witnesses for you, if you do not have anyone available.

I am divorced, can I get married in Bermuda?

Yes. A copy of your divorce decree must be submitted with your Notice of Intended Marriage.

Can The Traveling Bride help us organize events surrounding our wedding day?

Absolutely. We focus on the details so that you don’t have to. Please consult with our wedding coordinator regarding special requests.

Where can I get married?

There are many, many breathtaking locations around the island. Bermuda Bride does not restrict you as to where you can get married. We work with you to identify the location you are looking for and then make appropriate suggestions. You may wish to be married in a lush garden setting, on a cliff top overlooking the South Shore, under a moongate, barefoot in the sand, on a luxury motor yacht or sailboat, in the grounds of your hotel or in the Registrar General’s office. The choices are endless.

What day can I get married?

Any day you’d like, weather and location availability permitting.

When should I inform my guests?

We recommend you inform your guests 3-6 months prior depending on how accommodations will be handled. You want your guests to plan accordingly so that your experience goes as smooth as possible.

Do I need a passport to travel to Bermuda?

Yes. You need a valid passport to travel to Bermuda.


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