"Think back a little to 10/12/16. Bermuda was hit dead on by Hurricane Nicole as a category 3 storm (first to hit Bermuda at that strength in well over a decade). THAT was supposed to be our wedding day in Bermuda.

We still had our wedding that day, but because we were on a cruise ship along with most of our guests, fate had other plans. The reason we were still able to get married that day was 100% because of Giuliana.

After telling GG that the captain of our cruise announced, 2 days before our scheduled wedding in Bermuda, that we weren't going to be able to go there, that instead we will be sailing to Cape Canaveral, Florida, she she immediately picked up, left her family, and headed to Cape Canaveral to find a venue for us. I thought, ok well, at least we should be able to still get married in Florida, may not be "perfect" but it will be ok. Well, not only did we get married, GG totally blew our minds with everything she did and each time I spoke with her within those 2 days, she always put me at ease. When she says "no worries", believe her!!!! 
Not only was it the PERFECT wedding, it was completely beyond any expectations we could have had. Our guests had the best time and said it was the best wedding they've ever been to. We all still talk about all the little fun details of the wedding and of GG's work.

After spending almost a year with GG planning every last detail of our "perfect" Bermuda wedding, within less than 48 hours she somehow managed (I still don't know how) to organize everything we wanted and planned for in Bermuda to be arranged in Florida. From telling me to get get everyone into the vans she arranged for our guests and limo she arranged for me and my girls and to "GET HERE NOW" because it may start to rain as she knew i really wanted an outdoor ceremony...although she set up an indoor ceremony area as well, just in case.

(She knew I needed that push to get everyone moving and I turned into bridezilla for a moment to get everyone going, but we made it before the rain). To finding an amazing DJ who played our song set list perfectly, to the photographer, videographer, centerpieces, she made sure the special moments we wanted dedicated to our deceased parents were done, our special dances were danced, the special ceremony combining our families was set up beautifully, even the food we were planning on serving in Bermuda was served at the new venue in Florida. Our cake was perfect and she even was able to find a steel drum player like we had planned for in Bermuda to play at our ceremony...YES, all in less than 48 hours...not to mention making calls to find out how we could get a U.S. marriage licence since we weren't going to be able to use the Bermuda one AND secretly help make arrangements for one of my bridesmaids who was planning on flying into Bermuda, get to Florida.

I truly can go on and on about everything GG helped us with and did for us from the first phone call we had to the day of the wedding...and even beyond that in helping us sort out financial details with Bermuda vendors and such, all without wavering in her professionalism and trust.

We chose GG at the beginning of this journey just by a gut feeling but now know she came into our lives for a reason and a purpose. Not only did she save our day, she is also our lifelong friend.


- Beth + George