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Wedding Date:

Saturday, September 5, 2020


Ceremony - Public Beach

Additional Events:



Client Information

Bride & Groom:
Aelicia Moore & Michael Taylor

Phone Number:


The Traveling Bride Information

Giuliana Gonsalves (gg)

Phone Number:




Room List

Payments + schedule

Your due date schedule and payment information

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Payment 4:


Files + Contracts

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Marriage License

In order to get married in Bermuda, a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form must be completed in full and sent to your wedding planner or the Registry General together with the correct payment.

16 or over (but written permission from your parents is required if you are under 18)

Free to marry (single, divorced or widowed)

If your divorce took place outside of Bermuda, the Registrar may also require you or your intended spouse to obtain a certificate of non-marriage/divorce from the relevant authority in the country where the divorce was granted. The signature on the certificate of non-marriage must be validated to confirm that it is genuine. If you are widowed, you must provide the Registry General with a copy of your deceased spouse's death certificate.

You must have two witnesses who are at least 18 years. 

A LOCAL (Bermudian) Minister or Pastor must officiate over the marriage, sign papers and then file them at the Registry General. To legally be married in Bermuda you must use a local minister or pastor. 

Civil marriages may also be performed by the Registrar General at the Registry General Office between

Within one month of your wedding, you will receive an official Marriage Certificate that is recognized and legal worldwide. However you may also wish to register with your local Town or City Hall.

When do I get a timeline?

You should expect to get a near final timeline around 2 weeks out from the wedding date or beginning of events. Timeline will be sent out to all vendors, so they have all the information for the wedding day. It will include a detailed information from the time hair & makeup starts to who will be walking down the aisle and when.

Can I give my guests your information?

Yes! Please send your clients my email or cell number. (786) 425-7462 I am always happy to help out your family. This helps everything run smoothly when they arrive.

Where do I mail checks to?

You can mail payments to:

The Traveling Bride

P.O.Box 558903

Miami, FL 33255 - 8903

Should I ship items to Bermuda?

NO! This is very expensive to do and can take weeks sometimes months. Unless it is a very large item I would advise against shipping items to Bermuda. I have brought in items in the past for clients. Cost depends on the amount of luggage and the value of the items brought in. Please plan for this 5 to 3 months out from the wedding date.

Can I hire non-Bermudian vendors?

Yes - BUT it’s a very expensive process and requires permits and you to hire a local alongside the vendor you bring in. Permits can range from $600pp and up + processing fees that start around $150 per hour. Please let us know in advance if you would like to bring a vendor in. You can not bring in a non Bermudian vendor with out permits.


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